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The Game Changer

'The Game Changer' is a reminder that I too have a shot at being as great as they are or even greater because am downloading their mindset into my mind by studying their work.

Greyford Chifuka Mwase

Echoes of Inspiration

From "Echoes of Inspiration" I have come to understand that courage is not a feeling but an act of necessity,and realization I always have something about things that inspires me.

Gerald Lusho Zulu

Picking a Fight

With little knowledge I entered into a place I thought was not possible. The book give amazing insight out of how we waste time fighting other peoples battles or fighting battles which are not worthwhile.

Gift Casmic Phiri

Beautiul by Design

The major lesson for me was no matter what one has been through or has done, one can always start afresh. "Start Right & Build Right".

Milupi Munali

Beautiful By Design

“Who Am I ?”. One of the key factors to self discovery and purpose as i learnt from this book hinges largely on the ability for one to firstly realize their self worth or value as some may prefer to put it.

Rabbeca Maunda

The Game Changer

Have read the book like three times and just like the title itself, my life (my game) has changed. When you read such a book it’s a crime to remain at the same position, I grow every day because of these life changing statements made in the book.

Malenga Maureen

Echoes Of Inspiration

Wow!!! Was my reaction when I just read the preface of the book only, have seen so many disabled persons out there maximizing their potential one of them is Pastor Nick Vujicic what about me with all my parts intact? All we need is a well-known purpose and the legs to start off. The kind of life we want will not be handed to us, we have to create it. I have all that I want written down and am working towards that because I can do more beyond the script that is written by the society and family. Mostly importantly I lent that most dreams are killed by internal factors, the little habits that we tolerate that happens to destroy us, it can be procrastination, traditions, time managements etc.

Malenga Maureen

’’ Ipsum lorem ad sea, in reque bonorum definiebas mei. Ius causae conclusionemque in. Sea ex nemore eirmod delicatissimi, bonorum disputationi pri cu, ad usu nobis omnes. No ius labore sanctus. Mea unum zril te’’

Annette Rogers
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